Quality policies, Security and Control

Based on the compromise of the Direction, we offer to our clients in the COLTRANS GROUP the coordination of their logistic operations in connection with their foreign trade. In order to achieve this mission we are committed to:
- The continuous improvement of our processes, in order to offer the best possible service in accordance with the needs and requirements of our business partners, ensuring the requirements of their products.
- The promotion of a healthy and safe  working environment for all our collaborators and interested parties.
- Proper risk identification and mitigation of the impact , which could harm the fulfillment of our objectives.
- Development of strategic and safe alliances in the supply chain which will enable us to develop our operations in a confident, safe and timely way, based on an integrated management system, a committed and competent human resources department, the best technological infrastructure and the compliance of all legal dispositions.
- To guarantee the availability of all necessary resources that will enable us to reach our objectives, ensuring the sufficient profitability of the group.