Quality policies, Security and Control

In COLTRANS S.A.S. our commitment is to continually improve our service based on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Security and Control, keeping our clients constantly informed on the status of their cargo, and timely delivery of documents and goods.

All this supported by the infrastructure and the company's experience, the development of strategic alliances and competent, reliable and committed human resources.

Objectives of quality, security and control

  1. Meeting the needs of our customers with consistent, reliable and truthful information of their loads and making timely and safe delivery of their documents and goods.
  2. Constant improvement in management of our Quality, Security and Control System, insuring its efficient execution.
  3. Maintaining the skills of our staff through a comprehensive training program, designed to fulfill the knowledge needs of each of our employees.
  4. Having qualified strategic partners (customers, suppliers, authorities, etc.) that support an optimum performance of all the activities of COLTRANS S.A.S
  5. Provide and maintain the company's technology infrastructure necessary to achieve compliance with the requirements of the service.